Now available: Fire and Sass

As the second-oldest daughter of the queen, Alda has family duty and tradition in her blood. Everything she does is for her home, Draconia, the uncharted island haven for dragonesses. When a mysterious illness hits her family, Alda will stop at nothing to find the cure…even if it means leaving the island to find the one person who can save her twin.

Now available: A Touch of Steel (Silver Warriors Chronicle Book 1)

Sara Ramirez is a young, talented inventor working in the small town of Los Santos. But when her latest prototype is stolen, she travels to the City and enlists her ex-lover’s help to get it back. Together, they must stop dangerous enemies from using Sara’s invention to change the balance of power in their world—before it’s too late.

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Now available: A Touch of Brass (Silver Warriors Chronicle Book 2)

Released December 19, 2019. Read it today!

Sparks fly when small-town scientist Ana Villaneuva and billionaire Simon Townsend meet during her visit to the City, but Simon’s promise of fun and adventure takes a dangerous turn when they are kidnapped by the deadly Silver Warriors. They must work together to stay alive, and use all their skills to prevent their captor’s catastrophic plan to bring chaos to the City.