To delay or not to delay

Maybe I am a perfectionist. Or maybe, I am just facing the reality of my situation. Regardless, after deliberating for a few days, I have decided to delay the release of A Touch of Brass by three weeks.

The fall has been a busy one in both my personal and professional life, which means I’m not as far in my edits as I would like to be. I don’t want to rush the edits. I could scramble, and stay up every night into the wee hours re-writing and editing my novel, but then, I couldn’t attest to the quality of it.

On the other hand, I hate missing deadlines. It pains me to not adhere to the original date. I had set the original release date a month ago, not knowing the extensive amount of travel that I would have to do for my day job.

In the end, perfectionism beat out punctuality. I’m giving myself more breathing room for my novel so that I can put out the best story I can. And in the process, I learned a bit more about myself.