Inside the Story

Inside the Story: A Touch of Brass

It’s been a bit over a month since A Touch of Brass was released. Originally, I had intended to write it as a short story, with a view to publishing my steampunk romance quartet as a collection.

But as I delved deeper into the story, I realized that Ana and Simon had much more to do, and the conspiracy in their world went much deeper than I had originally thought. The result was a novel with much more action, but with Ana and Simon’s romance at the core.

This story is a bit darker, and the characters are more morally ambiguous. As much as I like clear-cut good and evil, it turns out that I love a bit of ambiguity in my characters: heros, villians and side characters.

While this is a standalone novel (I have to admit, I don’t really like cliffhangers), it is also the second chapter of a 4-part overarching story. I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far, and that you’ll continue to join the Silver Warriors adventure.