Join Francis Rondón’s ARC Team!

What is an ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. They’re usually not fully edited or fully corrected copies given out to garner reviews and create reader enthusiasm! 

What does it mean to be on an ARC team?

If you’re selected, you’ll get the ARC of my book at least 7 days before it’s released to the public. In return, you’ll be expected to write an honest review and post it on Amazon US and Goodreads within three days of release.

Should you apply?

If you love reviewing books… YES!

What I’m looking for:

  1. You read and enjoy my books.
  2. You’ve reviewed one of my books.
  3. You want to help spread the word about my books.

Selection criteria:

  1. You complete the form below. Incomplete applications will be deleted.
  2. You’ve read and reviewed the first or second book in my series, A Touch of Steel or A Touch of Brass.
  3. You have a review history on Amazon US. What does this mean? It means you have reviewed other authors or products, not just me.

ARC Team Application form:

Thank you for your interest in reading advance review copies of books by Francis Rondón. PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before filling out this application. Please be sure to complete this application in its entirety! Incomplete applications will be discarded.

Sending in an application does not guarantee you’ll be on the team. If you’re applying for the ARC team, you are agreeing to read the ARC given and POST a review on Amazon US and Goodreads within three days of release. If you do not have time to do this, please do not apply. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the ARCs!

Please note that if you elect to receive the ARC for A Touch of Brass, you’ll receive an email via Bookfunnel on how to claim your ARC. You need to download your ARC within five days (the links do expire and cannot be reactivated), and post your review on Amazon US by December 24, 2019.

*Required field

This is how I will contact you if you are chosen. Please make sure to enter it correctly.
To get your review link, go to the AMAZON product page for the book. Click on your review and copy and paste the URL from your browser.
Click on your review and copy and paste the URL from your browser.